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OptiFine HD Mod

OptiFine HD is a performance enhancement modification which moves some graphics processing to the graphics card to significantly speed up the game, often delivering over double the FPS (frames per second). It makes use of your on-board/PCI express video card to provide support for improved graphics by adding HD textures, animations and eye candy to your Minecraft. It automatically installs HD texture packs and allows you to modify rendering, fog, weather and various visual options to better customization.

Download the appropriate version for your copy of Minecraft

Current version of the server:
OptiFine for Minecraft 1.18.1: OptiFine_1.18.1_HD_U_H6.jar

Previous versions:
OptiFine for Minecraft 1.8.0: OptiFine_1.8.0_HD_U_B0.jar
OptiFine for Minecraft 1.7.2: OptiFine_1.7.2_HD_U_D1.jar

- Install the latest Java JRE.
- Double click to run the downloaded .JAR file.
- Select the installation path to your Minecraft directory. This will install the Optifine mod to the directory.
- You will need to select the new Minecraft installation in your launcher. Choose Optifine (version number) from the menu to activate it.