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Shaders directly change the graphics of the game to improve them in some way. They are GPU intensive, and recommended on systems with more powerful graphics hardware. The recommended shader on our server is the popular SEUS Renewed shader.

Download the appropriate version for your copy of Minecraft

Current version of the server

• SEUS Renewed for Minecraft 1.18.1   SEUS-Renewed-v1.0.1.zip (recommended shader)
• Kappa for Minecraft 1.18.1   Kappa_v4.1.zip (alternative shader)


1. Open the run dialog by pressing [WIN] + R and type in "%appdata%\.minecraft\" to open the Minecraft folder.
2. Place the downloaded .zip file inside the folder "shaderpacks". If no such folder exists, create it.
3. Run Minecraft, go to Options --> Video Settings --> Shaders --> Pick the shader .zip file you downloaded.